Engineer, Philosopher, Artist.

80% Logic 20% Creative.  Problem solving and critical thinking.



Pro web developer since ~99 on big and small projects. Electronics engineer, masters in ecommerce.


Very curious citizen.


I like to tinker with stuff.




(I do not really keep this space that updated..)
- Full-stack SR. Web Dev.
- Backend, frontend, Rest/xml APIs, PHP, Laravel, Java, Spring Boot, Node, MySQL, MongoDB, Java, Spring Boot, frontend, ReactJS/Typescript, etc. - Native Apps: Unity3D, Flutter, React Native. - LINUX: I love the terminal, can do basic DevOps, Docker, etc. - ECOMMERCE: custom plugins, themes, automations, stores, payments, loyalty programs, etc. - HARDWARE: electronics engineer, fan of IoT Internet of Things and DIY stuff. Lighting, stage setups. - Automation, Procedural Generation, data management and visualization. etc etc


- Amateur producer & filmmaker, documentary-style videos.
- Software: Reaper, Ardour, Premiere, Ableton Live, Photopea, Photoshop, others.


I have co-organized 3 TEDx events, including the first one in my country. I have co-organized a Techcamp (Clinton foundation backed event). Participated in BarCamps (local open-source events) and others with the open-source community.


- Teaching: I have given a few programming or Flash (back in the day..) courses at govt institutions, also a few private courses over the years.
- Blogger: When blogs where a thing, mine got small local popularity and an award at a contest by a big newspaper’s web contest. I did a few video interviews and creative video projects. I have given a few small conferences at small events, mostly on things related to how to fix the world with logic.
- Projects & Awards: I made a website some time ago, a social network to share images (approx. when or before FB), it got some popularity and a few small controversies, got me a few google ads checks, got me an award at the same contest mentioned before. I ended up getting involved with the guys being a judge and organizing this event/awards.
- In the news: I have been interviewed on local tv or radio a couple of quick times over the years.


+502 4212-5214
skype: Lpenados